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An outsider? Pfft, get lost, loser. Nothing happening here concerns you.


Abby is an NPC added in the Druid Grove update. She is related to the Druid Investigation quest, and can be summoned using the Call Abby skill obtained from her after obtaining the Grove Key.


The dialogues shown are if you use the top options to further her dialogue.

Druid Investigation (Main Mission)

An outsider? Pfft, get lost, loser. Nothing happening here concerns you.
Huh... well, if you say so. If you actually wanna help, you follow my orders, got it?
Good. Okay, so, I'm not actually a full on druid yet. I was just an apprentice here before it all happend... some dark figure appeared and cast everyone under some kinda spell.
It's like theyre being mind-controlled.... I dunno why I wasn't affected, but I'm trying my best to stop this. When it all started, a bunch of the more powerful druids sealed themselves off in the second half of Druid Grove. You should probably try to get in there and find out what happend.

Druid Brawling

To get into the second half of Druid Grove, you'll need to get the Grove Key, If you beat up enough druids, they'll probably drop it. I'll be waiting here for you to get back.

Find Abby (Main Mission)

So, you're back. Looks like you've got the Grove Key too... not gonna lie, I didn't think you'd make it. Anyway, it looks like we can go into the second half of Druid Grove now. I'll meet you there.

The Bedrock Battle (Main Mission)

You made it, cool. Uh... there's no easy way to say this except... it's a lot worse up ahead then I thought.
There's a huge monster and its going on a rampage... I guess the druids that sealed themselves in here were the ones who created it. We have to stop it before it breaks out and destroys the rest of Druid Grove. If it gets out of here it could destroy entire towns...
I'll come with, there's no way anyone could defeat that monster alone. Let's meet back here after.

Regroup with Abby (Main Mission)

We did it... Man, that was an intense battle. I'm not sure what to do now, the druids still seem to be mind-controlled. Atleast we stopped that monster, now this outbreak is a lot less dangerous than it was before.
I'm not sure how to save the rest of the druids... Maybe we gotta KO the person who casted the spell. Actually... I think I might know where we can start looking.
Well, far to the southeast of here, There's this part of town called Ratzo Rocks. They've been in conflict with this guy called himself the Sandlord for a couple of weeks now, it's been all over the news.
Apparently this Sandlord guy is a crazy evil wizard, maybe he's the one who casted the spell on the other druids. Anyway, that's my best guess. We should go to Ratzo Rocks and have a look around.
I'll come with you, I've got nothing better to do now that my mentor and all of the other druids are under mind control. Let's go!

Extra Dialogue

Extra Dialogue 1

If the player chose "Sorry" to her first dialogue.

Hmph, you might wanna get outta here then. Stay outta Frogville Road too, until I fix this mess

Extra Dialogue 2

If the player chose "Sorry" to her second dialogue asking the player to follow orders.

Fine, be that way then.


  • When summoned, she has HP.png9 HP.
  • She can also use all Druid skills except Summon Tangler.
  • See more at Call Abby.
  • Abby has been confirmed to be 20 years old.