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In Adventure Story, Action Commands are additional timed inputs that when successful, will benefit the player in some way. When Action Commands for skills are succeeded, it usually increases the POW.pngDamage dealt and while being attacked, succeeding the input mitigates POW.pngDamage received entirely or partially depending on the maneuver used.

Critical Hits

AC NoCrit.png AC Crit.png

'Critical!' Hits (formerly called Excellent Hits pre v1.2.43) are executed when the player uses a skill. A 'Critical!' Hit occurs by clicking within a limited time window, and when successful, will increase the effectiveness of the skill. The POW.pngDamage displayed to the right of a skill during selection shows its 'Critical Hit!' POW.pngDamage.

Dealing POW.pngDamage contributes to the progress of POW.pngDamage-dealing related badges.


  • Certain skills have additional effects from Critical Hits other than increased POW.pngDamage. Savage Hit for example, will also inflict Stun.pngStun if 'Critical!' in addition to higher POW.pngDamage.
  • The time window of the Critical Hit is typically just before the skill deals POW.pngDamage. Skills such as Bomb Toss are an exception to this trend.
  • Certain skills such as Self Buffing and Summoning skills do not have an Action Command.


AC NoDodge.png AC Dodge.png

Dodging can be performed once an enemy starts attacking and sometimes ineffective against certain enemy attacks. A dodge can be executed by jumping right before the enemy hits you and when successful, the player will fully evade the effects of the attack.

Dodging contributes to the progress of dodging related badges.



AC NoBlock.png AC Block.png

Added in v1.2.38, Blocking is an alternative Action Command that can be executed just as the enemy is about to deal POW.pngDamage. Unlike dodging, it is universally effective against any enemy attack. A Block can be done by clicking right before the enemy hits you and when successful, will half the POW.pngDamage receive (rounded down). A successful Block will also prevent inflicting Stun.pngStun and Stuck.pngStuck statuses on the player. The Blocking is active 1/6th of a second.

Blocking contributes to the progress of blocking related badges.


  • Being inflicted with Stun.pngStun prevents blocking.
  • Being inflicted with Stuck.pngStuck will always prompt to block rather than dodge.
  • Bedrock's Boss Cheat: Shockwave and Burglar's Shoplift, cannot be blocked.
  • Blocking can also mitigate other effects of certain enemy skills such as the amount of Cents lost from Steal and Savage Steal.
  • DEF.pngDefense is calculated before the block mitigation, so the effectiveness of the player's DEF.pngDefense is halved when a block is successful.