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An enemy that can be found all across the world. This annoying foe will try to steal your cents, but it can be dodged easily with a well-timed jump.




  • Punch (SP.png0) - Punches the target, dealing POW.png2 Damage. Dodgeable.
    • (Corruption.png1) - Damage increased to POW.png4.
    • (Corruption.png2) - Damage increased to POW.png6.
    • (Corruption.png3) - Damage increased to POW.png8.
  • Steal(SP.png0) - Steals a random amount of cents from the target [Max is 6, minimum is 1.] Dodgeable.
  • (Corruption.png2+) Savage Hit (SP.png2) - Deals POW.png10 Damage and inflicts Stun for 2 turns. Dodgeable.
    • (Corruption.png3) - Damage increased to POW.png12.
  • (Corruption.png3) Barrage (SP.png2) - Deals POW.png15 Damage with 8 hits total, first hit dealing 8? Damage and the rest dealing 1 Damage. Dodgeable.


As a humanoid enemy, the Bandit is capable of using items.

  • Chicken Wing - Restores HP.png5 HP to itself or an ally.
  • Juice - Grants SP.png Charging-1 for 3 turns.
  • Hot Sauce - Grants PowerUp.pngPower Up-2 for 3 turns.


Their attacks are fairly easy to dodge, which is good for new players. Make sure you critical your punches to take them down easier!