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This article is about a NPC Version of the Bandit, For other uses of Bandit see Bandit (Disambiguation) .


The Bandit (NPC) remains the same as a normal Bandit in appearance, however he does not have his bag unlike an normal Bandit. These NPCs can be found in Hidden Woods along with one Burglar (NPC). There is four Bandit NPCs around Hidden Woods.


First Bandit NPC

Who let you in here? Ah, oh well. It's lunch time so I don't care about anything expect my sandwiches.

Second Bandit NPC

Uh.... you're not supposed to be here. But now that you're already this far, it's sort of awkward.... I'm just gonna act like I didnt see anything.

Third Bandit NPC

Hey Bandit, where's your uniform? New recruits these days...

Fourth Bandit NPC

A lot of the Bandits and Burglars are away right now on a very important mission for the boss man. Wait uh.... why did I tell you that, Who are you?