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Made using fine pink cloth, the Bandit King wears this to help hide his identity.

Description for the Normal Cloak

The Bandit King's iconic cloak. It seems to have been corrupted by the Maelstrom, staining it purple and causing weird thorns to grow from it.

Description for the Corrupted Cloak

The Bandit King's Cloak is a Super Item that can be dropped from the Bandit King only and has a 1/8 chance of being dropped like all items. The cloak seems to hold a faded red/pink color that is visible on a non-corrupt Bandit King and a Corruption 1 Bandit King. As the Corruption Level gets higher, the drop chance of the Corrupted Item is obtainable. A Corrupt 2 or 3 can drop a Corrupted Bandit King Cloak which is a Fantastic Cosmetic and shows a more predominant pink/purple theme and also has a 1/8 drop chance. While a Corruption 2 Bandit King can drop the Corrupted Cloak right before the game was no longer paid access, it appears that on his character model that he is wearing a different version of the cloak that lacks the red and purple thorns growing from it. People commonly refer to the Corrupted Cloak as "Wings" due to the appearance of the thorns.