Made using fine pink cloth, the Bandit King wears this to help hide his identity.

The Bandit King's Cloak is a Super Item that can be dropped from the Bandit King only and has a 1/8 chance of being dropped like all items. The cloak seems to hold a faded red/pink color that is visible on a non-corrupt Bandit King and a Corruption 1 Bandit King. As the Corruption Level gets higher, the drop chance of the Corrupted Item is obtainable. A Corrupt 2 or 3 can drop a Corrupted Bandit King Cloak which is a Fantasic Cosmetic and shows a more predominant pink/purple theme and also has a 1/8 drop chance. Whiel a Corruption 2 Bandit King can drop the Corrupted Cloak, it appears that on his character model that he is wearing a Corrupted Bandit or Burglar Cloak as he doesn't have red and purple thorns growing from his Cloak.

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