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The Bandit King's Crown is a rare accessory that can be obtained by defeating The Bandit King And cannot be obtained in any other way. The Crown has a 1 out of 8 Chance to drop once the player defeats the bandit king and sells for a decent price. The crown can be combined with other accessories.


In Appearance, the Bandit King's Crown looks like a grey hued crown. There are 9 spines located on the crown without any details on the crown. Other then that, the crown gives off a hardly noticeable grey shine.


If combined with other head accessories, the crown will be placed on top of whatever accessory is being worn.


A player wearing the Bandit King's crown.


  • Silver crowns are usually not worn by kings. Which might indicate that the crown was actually stolen from a prince.
  • The crown can be sold to obtain cents and restock after farming the Bandit King.