Summon a bow and arrow and fire it at an enemy, dealing a small amount of damage and piercing 1 defense.


Basic Archery is one of 10 possible unique skills that can be obtained from Frogidi's Fortunes.
Basic Archery has 18 alternative colors which changes the color of the bow and the resulting trail of the arrow.

The timing for the Action Command is about a second after the bow was pulled out.
Succeeding the Action Command performs a 'Critical!' hit, increasing the amount of POWDamage dealt by 1.


Basic Archery deals a good amount of POWDamage and the addition to having DEF1 Defense piercing for a SP0 SP cost skill. 

Compared to other SP0 SP cost skills, Punch deals similar overall POWDamage, though Basic Archery is better against enemies with DEFDefense. Slap and Tough Vine Trap deal less POWDamage, but inflict a status, though Basic Archery is generally better to finish off an enemy.

Most of the time, Basic Archery is used to fill in POWDamage when players want to regain SP1 SP or if an enemy is in range of being finished off by Basic Archery

Against CorruptionCorruption 1 enemies, the enemy will all have at least DEF1 Defense, effectively raising Basic Archery by POW1 Damage.

Against CorruptionCorruption 2+ enemies, Basic Archery is still useful to fill in POWDamage, but generally stronger skills are preferred to actually whittle the enemy down.

Overall, Basic Archery holds a spot for shooting down enemies on low HPHP and finishing them off for no SPSP cost.


  • The player will aim for the head on a 'Critical!' hit.
  • First skill introduced in the game to cost SP0 SP and also has DEFDefense piercing.
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