Big T, Along with a photo of him with his name.

Big T. Is an NPC that appears in Frogville. He was added in Beta 1.2.0 and sells gears, ranging from decent to super.

Gears Sold

A list of Gears that Big T. sells:

  • Normal Shirts (Decent)
  • Normal Pants (Decent)
  • Caps (Decent)
  • Eyepatches (Decent)
  • Glasses (Decent)
  • Fedoras (Decent)
  • Bandanas (Decent)
  • Fancy 'Stache (Decent)
  • Viking Helms (Nice)
  • Scarves (Nice)
  • Cloaks (Nice) 
  • Vibrant Shirts (Super)
  • Crowns (Super) 
  • Fiery Aura (Fantastic) 
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