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Block is a Action Commands that can be executed just as the enemy is about to deal [1]Damage. Unlike dodging, it is universally effective against any enemy attack. A Block can be done by clicking right before the enemy hits you and when successful, will half the [2]Damage receive (rounded down). A successful Block will also prevent inflicting [3]Stun and [4]Stuck statuses on the player. The Blocking is active 1/6th of a second.

Blocking contributes to the progress of blocking related badges.


  • Being inflicted with [5]Stun prevents blocking.
  • Being inflicted with [6]Stuck will always prompt to block rather than dodge.
  • Bedrock's Boss Cheat: Shockwave, cannot be blocked.
  • Blocking can also mitigate other effects of certain enemy skills such as the amount of Cents lost from Steal and Savage Steal.
  • [7]Defense is calculated before the block mitigation, so the effectiveness of the player's [8]Defense is halved when a block is successful.