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Smoke Dart

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JackTheVamp JackTheVamp 31 May

Moderator Position

Waddup guys, Jack here, so recently a lot of vandalism and bad edits have been going around the wiki and I wish I could deal with them myself but I'm very busy due to exams/work and other things going on with my life so I'm gonna be hiring a mod or two in the upcoming weeks. I understand that the game is not being updated anytime soon and that mods will for the most part be doing nothing unless a vandal shows up, but I really don't wanna be alerted of and deal with vandalism 10 days after it has happened. I'm going to keep an eye on the wiki in the upcoming weeks and look for any editors that show activity, consistency, maturity, knowledge of game and rules (CSS is a plus) and constructive edits. I mainly want people who are willing to che…

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Enemy Idea: Ninja


The Ninja Is An Enemy Who's Very Stealthy And Has The Ability To Sneak Attack.

Punch - Deals 5 Damage to a single target (Dodgeable but it attacks fast)

- Can use this skill as a sneak attack (auto)

(1) - Damage is increased to 7

(2) - Damage is increased to 9

(3) - Damage is increased to 11

Downgrader Punches - The Ninja runs straight toward you and does 2 strong punches dealing 5 for both hits and piercing 1

The First Hit Inflicts Disarm -2 For 2 Turns and the Second Inflicts Weakness -2 For 2 Turns. Although you may not be able to dodge both hits.

(1) - Damage is increased to 7

(2) - Damage is increased to 9

- Disarm Duration increases to -3 for 3 Turns at


(3) - Damage is increased to 11

- Weakness Duration increases to -3 for 3 Tu…

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Card Skill: Summon Lileye

THIS IS A FANMADE SKILL IDEA. Summon Lileye is a skill that is no longer obtainable. It used to be obtained by defeating 10 Lileyes and Obtaining 5 Archerman Cards.

A Tier 1 Tough Summon Lileye Has...................

8 HP


0/2 SP

Seedshot - Deals 1 Damage and has 1 Defense Piercing.

Healing Spray - Heals 2 HP to all allies and itself

A Tier 2 Stunning Summon Lileye Has....................

18 HP


2/6 SP

- Hat Color Changes To Rose

Seedshot - Deals 5 Damage and has 1 Defense Piercing.

Dark Green Healing Spray - Heals 4 to all allies and itself. Strategy:

While Fighting Against Enemies Lileyes Can Be Used For Healing In Case You Run Out Of Healing Items Especially When Fighting Corruption Enemies.

While Summon Power Can Be Used On Lileyes But The…

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Enemy: Archerman

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What If They Were Stunning Skills From Frogidi's Fortunes


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Enemy: Slimeseye V2

The Slimeseye is an enemy made out of slime and will try to blind you or the other player's screen and has the Similar Stats to a Burglar.

  • Slimeshot (0 ) - Deals 4Damage to a single enemy and has a 50% chance of inflicting the blind status (Dodgeable)
    • 1 - Damage is increased to 6.
    • 2 - Damage is increased to 8.
    • 3 - Damage is increased to 10.
      • Becomes Maroon Slimeshot at Corruption 3
  • Lightning Spear (1 ) - Deals 4 Damage, Piercing 1Defense and Inflicts Shock for 4 Turns (Undodgeable)


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DonAskMe DonAskMe 23 January

Wraith Power User

[Content Deleted]

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JackTheVamp JackTheVamp 6 November 2021

Wiki Adoption

Yo guys, Jack here, and I wanted to discuss today what your thoughts and opinions are on me adopting this wiki and becoming a bureaucrat. Our other bureaucrats and admins are currently inactive and don't seem interested in coming back and the game itself is dead, not to mention the wiki seems inactive too. But as we know, Vetex (Developer of AS) has confirmed that he plans on updating the game in the near future, so that means there is hope that this wiki can be revived. I would like bureaucrat rights so that I can manage the wiki more properly, make important decisions and be able to add/remove staff members. My plans are to restructure the staff team with active contributiors once the wiki starts gaining traction again and lead the wiki …

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JackTheVamp JackTheVamp 25 October 2021

Regarding The Stat Apple Glitch

Hey guys, Jack here, I know its been a while (a really long while) but I've just become aware of the stat apple glitch and I have no clue how long this glitch has been going around for but I do have some information. If you weren't aware, Vetex does have plans on updating Adventure Story (albeit not any time soon) and personally, I reckon it could be in about 2-3 years or when AO finishes development but it could just never happen either. Anyways, I was talking with a moderator on the Vetex Games discord server and he says that Vetex told him that anyone who has abused the bug risks getting their stats reset when and if AS ever gets updated. Anyone who has not abused the bug won't get their stats reset (or so he said to me), so if you've only…

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Iajgfiuahgojwago8aiugo8ah Iajgfiuahgojwago8aiugo8ah 17 October 2021

Skill suggestion.exe

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Skill suggestion; finally after 5 months!

Winter staff can be only gained from:

Overgrown grotto secret (not real yet since this is only a skill suggestion). When you find the secret, a wizard called Con will ask the following text:

Are you sure you would like to learn the elements of the winter?

User: Reply with yes or no.

The following task will be given to the user: Collect winter essence x3, collect winter shard x1.

When collected: return to con by finding the secret again, the following text would appear: Good! Your a great wizard; Then you would unlock wizard staff (Unmastered) Mastered wizard staff would pierce 3 defense. And 1 extra damage for critical.

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SodaThatWiki SodaThatWiki 25 May 2021

Status Effect Ideas


2 Damage Per turn. Doesn't stop until at least one healing item is used or the battle ends.

Icon : A red raindrop icon

Defense does not matter like any other ones.

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CeppneIson CeppneIson 19 April 2021

Enemy Idea

Skills: Punch - 5 DMG

Rest - +2 SP

Head Toss - 3 SP - 16 DMG [Limit is 25]

oh also i just thought i'd put my idea here: using fury on others

you lose 2/3 hp and the others lose 1/2 HP. tho the one you use it on gains +3 ATK for 3 turns / +5 ATK for 1 turn

maybe this could be some sorta item?

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commit skill suggestion

To get the all out attack, you must perform actual teamwork, like. Defeating the c3 BK by communication without magical stone glitchers, you can only get this skill using 5 or less heal in a singular match.

Pasta can be got from rover by trading 5 green dungeon tokens.

The reinforced effect gives the user/ally 4 defense, or doubles the defense they already have.

To get the cactus fruit, you need 10 green dungeon tokens, then trade it with rover.

The sword dance does damage to the enemies, but when you want to summon the swordmaster a enemy must die and there will be a 10% chance. Every time you summon the swordmaster in the same batter, the hp will decrease by 3. Each time.

You may be thinking, it says the ally’s non critical damage is 8, no, I…

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CeppneIson CeppneIson 15 April 2021

whenever i commit an item idea

for more info, click here --> Vanilla Bar

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CeppneIson CeppneIson 15 April 2021

whenever i commit a skill idea

Adventure Story your average skill idea

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Fishiplayz Fishiplayz 14 April 2021

New Item Ideas

Since the game is currently being worked on, I decided to think up some more healing items for the game (I have no idea how to end this sentence)

so here you go

  • 1 Food Type A: Taco
  • 2 Food Type B: Tamale
  • 3 Drink Type A: Water
  • 4 Drink Type B: Lemonade
  • 5 Sauce Type A: Ranch
  • 6 Sauce Type B: Mustard

A taco is a traditional Mexican dish consisting of a small hand-sized corn or wheat tortilla topped with a filling.

❤️Restores 15 HP.

Can be found in chests or bought at stores in Ratzo Rocks.

A tamale or tamal is a traditional Mesoamerican dish, made of masa or dough, which is steamed in a corn husk or banana leaf.

❤️Restores 20 HP.

Can be found in chests or bought in stores deeper into Ratzo Rocks.

Water is a colorless chemical substance, which is the main constitu…

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DonAskMe DonAskMe 9 March 2021

New Enemy Idea

A new enemy idea I thought of is "Swordcaster".


The "Swordcaster" has a light blue shirt, black pants with a dark green cloak reaching his arms, and a dark green scarf. (Close to a Dweller outfit, except the mushrooms.) This guy is tough. He normally appears with the basic Robloxian 2.0 outfit. His face is pale like any bandit, with eyes normally red then becoming glowing purple eyes at C2-C3. (C3 is max) He has 2 classic swords on his back as a swordpack.


The "Swordcaster" uses;

Punch as a 0 SP skill. = 8 altogether dmg

"Swordman's Wrath" as a 1 SP skill. (The wrath is almost like drain but it's blue and steals SP not HP.) = 0 altogether dmg

Dull Rapier as a 2 SP skill. = 6 altogether dmg

"Dagger Dance" as a 3 SP skill. (Summons fo…

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Battle-Rec Eggo Battle-Rec Eggo 30 March 2020

New Enemy Idea: Predator

  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Moves
  • 3 Appearance
  • 4 Drops
  • 5 Stats
  • 6 Trivia

The Predator is a Bruiser-style, Demon class enemy which specializes in picking off your team one by one. It has unique moves that are like none seen before. But don't let that put you off fighting them. They can be countered with skill and patience. It appears around Halloween and would be used in one of the Halloween events.

These first moves will not contain the moves the Predator will gain from Corruptions.

  • Slap- the Predator will glide towards you, before performing the Slap move. Along with stunning you for 1 turn, it will drop your damage by 1 point aswell.
  • Mark- the Predator will stare at you with intensity, before sending out a sonar shockwave that deals 3 damage. For the next 3 turns,…

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Pastaism Pastaism 28 August 2019


thog don't caare

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Academyjr64 Academyjr64 14 April 2019

New Enemy Page

1) Faint Corruption Aura

(2) Pure Corruption Aura

(3) Vibrant Corruption Aura}} The Fungeye is a dungeon creature encountered in the Overgrown Grotto. It is another Druidic creation similar to the Lileye and Daiseye that prefers dark environments.

  • Basic Attack - Performs a basic attack equal to its Power + 1. These are generally dodgeable.
  • Spores - Releases some spores, doing bad things to the enemies.

Attack it until it dies. Just make sure not to get hit by those spores!

1) Faint Corruption Aura

(2) Pure Corruption Aura

(3) Vibrant Corruption Aura}} The Dweller is an enemy encountered in the Overgrown Grotto. They are humanoid cave-dwellers that have likely never seen the sun, causing their skin to appear bleached. They carry lanterns around in order…

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Academyjr64 Academyjr64 5 April 2019

Tabs n' Tables


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RealGamerGrenade RealGamerGrenade 29 December 2018

So I'm going to be active now

Hello! You probably don't know me. Like, at all. Well, I am RealGamerGrenade. I made a single blog post on the AA wiki, As a goodbye no less, and didn't really act or be known in the fandom. However, I am going to try and be more active in this fandom, and try to be, you know, someone that isn't silent. So, lets hope this is another amazing game from Vetex! (geez that was corny)

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Vedsaik123 Vedsaik123 21 December 2017

Everyone from the previous wikia moved here?

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YumYumCucumbers YumYumCucumbers 24 September 2017

The successor of AA

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