Throw a bomb at an enemy, dealing decent damage to it and a small amount of damage to surrounding enemies. Stuns the target for one turn.


Bomb Toss is one of the 10 unique skills that can be learned from Frogidi's Fortunes.
Bomb Toss has 18 alternative colors that change the hue of the bomb shell and the smoke after the explosion.

The timing for the Action Command is at the moment the bomb is visible in the player's hand and shortly before it is thrown.
Succeeding the Action Command performs a 'Critical!' hit, increasing the amount POWDamage dealt to the target by 1.


Bomb Toss deals a decent amount of POWDamage to one enemy and inflicting the StunStun status, as well as dealing POW1 Damage to all other enemies.

Compared to the other SP1 SP cost Frogidi's Fortune skills: Fire Claw and Lightning SpearBomb Toss deals unequal amounts of POWDamage across enemies and can inflict StunStun.

Bomb Toss is comparable to the Stunning Vine Trap skill, with both inflicting an action-disabling status and costing SP1 SP. The main difference is that Vine Trap deals all its damage to one target and that StuckStuck does not disable the ability to use items.

The StunStun and surrounding POWDamage is what sets Bomb Toss apart from the rest, however, neither are very useful in combat. Just like Slap, Bomb Toss has some good usage against Wraiths to avoid their Evil Impact.

Against CorruptionCorruption 1 enemies, the surrounding POWDamage from Bomb Toss is fully blocked by their DEF1 Defense, making this less ideal.

Against CorruptionCorruption 2+ enemies, they are immune to StunStun as well as the surrounding POWDamage, nullifying to two niche parts of Bomb Toss.

Overall, Bomb Toss is only slightly better than Slap for its higher POWDamage. By the time the player reaches Frogville Road, every enemy has at least DEF1 Defense as well, rendering the surrounding POWDamage fully blocked.


  • The StunStun status will not be inflicted if no POWDamage was dealt or if the target has the StunGuardStun Guard status.
  • The Bandit King and Bedrock, as with all CorruptionCorruption 2+ enemies, are immune to the StunStun status.
  • The surrounding POWDamage of Bomb Toss scales with the user's POWPower and can be further increased with PowerUpPower Up.


  • Bomb Toss is the first skill revealed in Adventure Story, which was shown off on Vetex's twitter and YouTube.
  • A similar skill called Gift Grenade is used exclusively by Snowmen.
  • Bomb Toss can be used by CorruptionCorruption 2+ Snowmen and CorruptionCorruption 3 Daiseyes and Fungeyes.
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