Broken Bones Status


BrokenBonesBroken Bones is a status inflicted by high damage, blunt skills by enemies.

It can only be inflicted onto players and it deals POWDamage to them whenever they jump, regardless of DEFDefense. The status stays until the player recovers at least HP1 Hitpoint or from drinking Milk. The amount of POWDamage per jump is equal to the BrokenBonesBroken Bones severity. The severity of BrokenBonesBroken Bones can stack additively with additional inflictions of the status.


Inflicted Status Duration Chance
TheBanditKingCard The Bandit King
(Savage Steal)
BrokenBonesBroken Bones-1 N/A 1/2?
TheBanditKingCard The Bandit King
(Giant Crowbar)
BrokenBonesBroken Bones-1 N/A 1/2?
WraithCard Wraith
(Evil Impact)
BrokenBonesBroken Bones-1 N/A 1/2?
BedrockCard Bedrock
BrokenBonesBroken Bones-3 N/A 1/1


  • A common theme with skills that can inflict Broken Bones is that they are undodgeable or tricky to dodge (e.g. Wraith's Evil Impact and Bedrock's Brutalize is undodgeable and The Bandit King's Giant Crowbar can be faked out).
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