These goons have been stealing for years, and it's made them very muscular and strong. Constantly hiding from the public have made them pale. Their attacks are harder to dodge, and they will try to steal your items instead of cents.


Burglars are an enemy encountered in the Hidden Woods alongside the Bandit. Burglars are in essence a stronger variation of the Bandit, with better raw stats.


  • Punch (SP0) - Does 4 Damage and can be faked out. Dodgeable.
    • (Corruption1) - Damage increased to POW6.
    • (Corruption2) - Damage increased to POW8.
    • (Corruption3) - Damage increased to POW10.
  • Shoplift (SP1) - Deals no Damage; steals one random item. Dodgeable.
  • (Corruption2+) Savage Hit (SP2) - Deals POW8 Damage and inflicts StunStun for two turns. Dodgeable.
    • Deals POW10 for Corruption Level 3.
  • (Corruption3) Barrage (SP2) - Deals POW18 Damage with 8 hits total, first hit dealing 10 Damage and the rest dealing 1 Damage. Partially Dodgeable.


As a humanoid enemy, the Burglar is capable of using items.



  • Burglars are the first enemies encountered to have DEFDefense.
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