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Call your friend Abby to help you in a battle. Only works if there is an open spot!


Call Abby is a skill that is earned from completing the Find Abby Mission. Abby has the same stats and skills as an enemy Druid except that Abby does not have the Summon Tangler skill.

As with all Summon or Call skills, there is no Action Command to be performed.

A Tier 1 Abby summoned from Call Abby has:

  • HP.png9 HP
  • DEF.png1 Defense
  • Life Flare - Deals POW.png3 Damage to one enemy.
  • Nature Power - Imbue one ally with PowerUp.png+2 Power Up for two turns.
  • Recovery - Imbues allies and self with HP.png+2 Regeneration for three turns.


  • You can only call if there is an open spot in your party. Otherwise, you will pass.
  • Abby can only be called once per battle. If you attempt to use the skill again when she is already present or is defeated, you will pass instead.
  • Call Abby is considered a summon skill, so it will be affected by summoning power


  • She uses healing spells which means that you can get an easy heal by entering a battle and calling her, and she even does some small damage!
  • Abby has a defense point which means that she is immune to earthquakes and won't be knocked out too easy!
  • If you want to solo a hard battle i suggest running this op setup!
  • What you need!:
  • Summon Stunning Tangler
  • Hot Sauce and barbecue Sauce to boost your tanglers, and milk to quick perform this all.
  • Summoning power
  • Call Abby...... of course
  • Your team should look like this!

You: HP ??, Defense ??, Power ??, SP ??? (You are going to need enough capacity aka 8 SP to perform a quick summoning of these)

Abby: HP 12, Defense 1, Power 4, SP ???

Tangler 1 and 2: HP 15, Defense 2, Power 4-5, SP ???

The Quickest Solo Summoning method:

Turn 1: Use milk, 2 SP now

Turn 2: Use bow or item, 4 SP now

Turn 3: use Bow or item, 6 SP now

Turn 4: use milk, 8 SP now

Turn 5: Use Summoning Stunning Tangler, 5 SP now

Turn 6: Use Summoning Stunning Tangler, 2 SP now

Turn 7: Use Call Abby, 1 SP now

The Tanglers are Super strong attackers and excellent meat shields (giving them Hot sauce or BBQ sauce will help A TON! or just give them only BBQ sauce because Abby can give your team heals and boost your teams strength)

Abby is your Medic/Attacker/Mini meat shield so she is pretty useful in this setup!


  • Abby has been confirmed to be 20 years old.
  • Abby has 1 defense, but regular druids don't have any defense.
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