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For a list of every skill obtained from Cards.pngCards, click here.



Every enemy in the game has a 12.5% (1/8) chance to drop their respective Cards.pngBasic Card. Buying boosts will raise that chance. Upgrading a Cards.pngCard to the next tier will always require Cards.png5 Cards from the previous tier.

The current tiers of Cards.pngCards in the game are: Elite and Super.

Obtaining the Cards.pngElite Card of a respective enemy will allow using their Skill, and can be enhanced further by obtaining the Cards.pngSuper Card of that respective enemy.

A skill, when upgraded, typically increases POW.pngDamage and SP.pngSP costs.


  • Corruption.pngCorrupted enemies do not have any higher of a chance to drop their respective Cards.pngCard, nor of higher rarity.
  • An Cards.pngElite/Super Card can be obtained in any way to obtain the skill it grants.
    • Losing the Elite/Super Card in any way also removes the ability to equip the skill it grants.


  • Before dropping was disabled, players were able to drop Cards.pngCards, which allowed for skills to be removed.