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Enemies are encountered throughout Adventure Story, making up the combat. Each enemy has its own set of Skills and behavior, which are described by their Type and Style. When killed, enemies take around 15-45 seconds to respawn.


  • Humanoid - Refers to anyone that resembles a "human", such as the players. Can carry Cent.pngCents and use items.
  • Creature - Animals, plants, constructs, and other sentient beings that don't fall under any other type.
  • Giant - Similar to the Humanoid type, the difference being that they are colossal in size.
  • Demon - Otherworldly beings that possess unknown power.


  • Tricky - Mischievous opponents who will attempt to use underhanded strategies, such as fake-outs and inconsistent timing in order to gain the upper hand in battle.
  • Bruiser - Enemies that generally have low HP.pngHP or DEF.pngDefense, but can deal high large amounts of POW.pngDamage.
  • Support - Enemies that apply useful Statuses to allied enemies or summon additional allies to combat.
  • Guard - Enemies that generally have lots of HP.pngHP or DEF.pngDefense, making them tougher to take down.
  • Strange - These enemies use a wild and unpredictable set of abilities to always keep the player guessing.

The are currently 13 Enemies in the game.

Enemy List

Event Enemy List

Woodlands Bandit - Daiseye - Lileye - Burglar - Tangler - Druid - Dweller - Fungeye - Golem
Bosses The Bandit King - Bedrock
Events Wraith - Snowman

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