Enemies are encountered throughout Adventure Story, making up the combat. Each enemy has its own set of Skills and behavior, which are described by their Type and Style.


  • Humanoid - Refers to anyone that resembles a "human", such as the players. Can carry CentCents and use items.
  • Creature - Animals, plants, constructs, and other sentient beings that don't fall under any other type.
  • Giant - Similar to the Humanoid type, the difference being that they are colossal in size.
  • Demon - Otherworldly beings that possess unknown power.


  • Tricky - Mischievous opponents who will attempt to use underhanded strategies, such as fake-outs and inconsistent timing in order to gain the upper hand in battle.
  • Bruiser - Enemies that generally have low HPHP or DEFDefense, but can deal high large amounts of POWDamage.
  • Support - Enemies that apply useful Statuses to allied enemies or summon additional allies to combat.
  • Guard - Enemies that generally have lots of HPHP or DEFDefense, making them tougher to take down.
  • Strange - These enemies use a wild and unpredictable set of abilities to always keep the player guessing.

Enemy List

Event Enemy List

Woodlands Bandit - Daiseye - Lileye - Burglar - Tangler - Druid - Dweller - Fungeye - Golem
Bosses The Bandit King - Bedrock
Events Wraith - Snowman

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