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Cents are used to buy gear, items and other things. You can earn coins by defeating enemies, selling things, find them around the world, or buy them with Robux!



Cent.pngCents are one of the two main currency and is obtained from defeating enemies, earning badges, or doing quests. They are also available for purchase in the ROBUX shop.

Players can only hold a certain number of Cent.pngCents before reaching the limit on the wallet. Cent.pngCents are used to buy items, gear, a night at an inn, etc. Running from battle will also cost players some Cent.pngCents. If they don't have enough money, they will be unable to escape from an unwanted battle.

As of a recent update, excess Cent.pngCents gained from battles that exceed your wallet limit will appear around the battle arena, but will despawn after 5 minutes.

Robux Conversions

The conversion rates of when buying Cent.pngCents with Robux is listed below:

R$4 - Cent.png10 Cents

R$10 - Cent.png25 Cents

R$20 - Cent.png50 Cents

R$40 - Cent.png100 Cents

Enemy Cent Drops

Each enemy drops a certain amount of cents, as listed below:

Enemy Cent.pngCents
Bandit 4
Daiseye 2
Lileye 2
Burglar 6
The Bandit King 15
Tangler 4
Druid 3
Golem 5
Dweller 5
Fungeye 2