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Here you can find a list of all updates for Adventure Story from newest to oldest.

In Progress: Beta v1.5.0 - Randomizer Mode Update

Beta v1.4.2 - Dungeon Update Bug Fixes


- Friends only lobbies now have teal text instead of green to make them easier to see.

Bugs:  Infobox

- Friends only lobbies display if the player isn't friends with the creator

- Friends only lobbies can be joined by anyone

- When joining or leaving a lobby, if it fails do to rate limits, the game will still act as if it was successful

Beta v1.4.1 - Dungeon Update Bug Fixes


- Status effect death messages say the cause and then the status effect name directly after

- When regular enemies defeat a player, the name of the enemy doesn't display in the death message

- When the last player in a battle leaves the game, the enemies in the battle will stay there

Beta v1.4.0 - Dungeon Update

Beta v1.3.0 - Title Screen Update

Beta v1.2.0 - Gear Shop Update

Beta v1.1.0 - Druid Grove Update

Beta v1.0.0 - Winter Event + Beta Release

Alpha v0.12.0 - Corruption Update

Alpha v0.11.0 - Frogville Road

Alpha v0.10.0 - Hidden Woods

Alpha v0.9.0 - Achievements System

Alpha v0.8.0 - Adjustments I

Alpha v0.7.0 - Fortune Teller System

Alpha v0.6.0 - Frogville Completion

Alpha v0.5.0 - "Final Shop Revamp"

Alpha v0.4.0 - Core Mechanics Update

Alpha v0.3.0 - Gear Update

Alpha v0.2.0 - Shop Revamp

Alpha v0.1.0 - UI Overhaul