Your Character:

You start with 6 hp and 1 Sp 

Each time you level You can choose between the Following Upgrades:

                                               You Leveled Up

                             | +2 HP  |               or            | +1 Sp |

You can reach up to level 15 currently.

If you were to Upgrade only Hp, you would have 34 hp. If you were to Upgrade only Sp, you would have 15 Sp.

I would recommend upgrading Hp till you have 28 or 30 hp and upgrade Sp till you have 4 or 5 Sp. 

The reason why is the further you progress, the more stronger the enemys are and do more damage so why not get a lot of Hp to help you stay alive and cause Every Skill costs less then 5 Sp just keep 5 Sp so if you ever save up Sp, 5 should be enough for some strong Sp moves (Example:You are soloing a army of enemys, and you have 5 Sp you could summon a Snowman , then a Abby, and then a Tangler ((doing this works best with Summoning power), but with an Entire team of Allys you should be good and if you are fighting harder enemys just give the snowman hot sauce) and you should be good to go with dealing decent damage to enemys.))

Although this is more of my opinion on running tactics, try seeing what works for you the most.

There is Multiple play styles in battling (my opinions from observations):

1.) The Guardian: Focuses on Lots of health and keeping themselves alive as much as possible (and if they are on a team will try to spam heals for everyone and if they like to specialize in healing everyone, they might love using pizza as a heal all allys item).

2.) The Brutes: Will focus training decently on hp and decently on Sp (but most of the training goes to Hp) and they will save up till they can use heavy hitting moves (such as, Drain (to Heal without using heals), Evil Impact, Stone Arm, Giant Crowbar, Etc.))

3.) The Summoner: Focuses on Having Almost all training on Hp and 2 on Sp. Doing so allows them to plan how to summon 3 Allys in a short time (also their best power to have equipped is the Summoning power). When they have there side filled, them and their op team of tanky allys are ready to fight.

4.) The Actual Theif (not a item or coin enemy theif): They will wait till the enemys are all very weak or there is one enemy left and join in at the last few moments and steal credit for the fight and obtain equal rewards like everyone else even though they shouldn't.

5.) The Thief ( A Item or Coin Enemy theif): They will use moves such as shoplift or pickpocket to steal items or coins (respectivly in that order) from humanoid characters as much as possible and then attack after they finish looting the Humanoid or Giant Enemy's.

6.) The SP God: Literally puts 1-2 points into HP and then spams SP.

Almost nobody does this.

( Added by OofingAtTheSpeedOfLight )

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