You get Nightvision from rover, trade your Omnipotent Bionic bow, then trade 4 spectral sodas, 3 hoagies, 2 card sodas, 1 woodland card pack, 4 stat apples, and the rest with gear soda.

The Omnipotent Bionic Bow can be only obtained from trading 3 spectral sodas, 10 hoagies, 4 pizzas, 3 woodland card packs to Rover. Then you will get a Omnipotent Shard, then you will have to defeat bedrock, you will get the Omnipotent String if you defeat the c3 bedrock, 20 percent drop rate. Lastly you need the Omnipotent Arrows, obtained from dweller c2-c3, remember, you can only fire this bow 3 times each match.

The Yeet skill summons a Yeet man, it does 40M damage and defense, the Yeet skill

is only obtainable if the owner is in the game, others can also be, developers or builders. It is for the owner of AS to decide.

The bagel attack is only possible when all skills that everyone uses bomb throw, then the limited will only be put into the inventory of the people that are in the fight.

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