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These creatures just started appearing in Mellow Meadows a few days ago, and no one knows who created them. They use their poison spray to poison its foes.


The Daiseye is a basic enemy located in Mellow Meadows and Frogville Road.


Seedshot (SP.png0 SP) Spits out a seed at an enemy, dealing POW.png3 DMG.

Poison Spray (SP.png1 SP) Sprays poison at all targets, dealing POW.png1 DMG, and inflicting Poison.pngpoison-1 for 3 turns.

(Corruption.png3) Bomb Toss (SP.png1 SP) Spits a bomb at an enemy, dealing POW.png11 DMG [or 13,] and about POW.png7 DMG [or 9,] to others, and will inflict stun for 1 turn on the enemy it targeted. Undodgeable.


  • This enemy can be very annoying for unprepared players, as the way it begins a battle is ranged-based, and it does not run towards you as the previous Bandits do.
  • This is also the first enemy to use a ranged attack to start a fight.
  • Eye of 'Daiseye' are Emerald Eye from Roblox Catalog, the item is a limited hat that obtainable in the Roblox Catalog. Eye of 2 Daiseye are Sapphire Eye, is a limited hat obtainable on Catalog and Eye of 3 Daiseye are The Ochre Eye, The item are no longer obtainable.