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{{EnemyTabs|tab1 = Daiseye|tab2 = Poison Spray|tab3 = Daiseye/Gallery}}
{{EnemyTabs|tab1 = Daiseye|tab2 = Poison Spray|tab3 = Daiseye/Gallery}}
{{AS_Enemy|image1 = {{#tag:tabber|Normal =[[File:DaiseyeCard.png]]{{!}}-{{!}}Corrupted 1 = [[File:Missing Picture.png]]{{!}}-{{!}}Corrupted 2 = [[File:C2Daiseye.png]]{{!}}-{{!}}Corrupted 3 =[[File:C3Daiseye.png]]}}
{{AS_Enemy|image1 = {{#tag:tabber|Normal =[[File:DaiseyeCard.png]]{{!}}-{{!}}Corrupted 1 = [[File:Missing Picture.png]]{{!}}-{{!}}Corrupted 2 = [[File:C2Daiseye.png]]{{!}}-{{!}}Corrupted 3 =[[File:C3Daiseye.png]]}}

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These weird flowers started appearing in Mellow Meadows just a few days ago, and no one knows who created them. It uses poisonous breath to weaken its foes.


The Daiseye is an enemy found in Mellow Meadows along with its counterpart, the Lileye. They are also found in Mellow Ranch and Frogville Road. Instead of moving, this enemy shoots a seed from its eye to get you to battle with it. Daiseyes can spawn with or without its counterpart Lileye, and will sometimes spawn alongside Druids or Tanglers in Frogville Road as well.


  • Seedshot (SP.png0) - Deal POW.png3 damage to one enemy. Dodgeable.
    • (Corruption.png1) - Damage increased to POW.png5.
    • (Corruption.png2) - Damage increased to POW.png7.
    • (Corruption.png3) - Damage increased to POW.png9.
  • Poison Spray (SP.png1) - Deals POW.png1 Damage to all enemies and inflicts Poison for 3 turns regardless of damage. Undodgeable.
    • (Corruption.png1) - Damage increased to POW.png3.
    • (Corruption.png2) - Damage increased to POW.png5.
    • (Corruption.png3) - Damage increased to POW.png7.
  • (Corruption.png3) Purple Bomb Toss (SP.png1) - Deal POW.png13 Damage and inflicts Stun.pngStun for one turn on one target. POW.png9 Damage to all non-targets. Undodgeable.


Thanks to the Poison Spray skill Daiseyes possess, most early-game players will often finish battles against them with less health, but they are still quite easy to defeat due to their low health. Using Punch will still work, but at this point it is generally recommended to learn new skills at Frogidi's Fortunes.

With new skills in play, defeating these enemies becomes extremely easy. A simple 'Critical!' Fiery Explosion is a quick and easy way to take out all Daiseyes. If there is a Lileye in the battle as well, any non-SP attack will quickly finish it off.

Dealing with a Corruption.pngCorruption 3 Daiseye is a different matter, however, and most players are unlikely to leave the battle unscathed due to Bomb Toss's insane damage against the entire team. A combination of well-timed blocks and skills such as Ice Armor will make the battle easier to deal with, but in general it is best to make sure the Daiseye is dealt with as soon as possible before it inevitably defeats everyone.


  • This enemy can be very annoying for unprepared players, as the way it begins a battle is ranged-based, and it does not run towards you as the previous Bandits do.
  • This is also the first enemy to use a ranged attack to start a fight.
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