Defense Up Status


DefenseUpDefense Up (also known as Armored), is a status effect inflicted by skills that enhance armor.

DefenseUpDefense Up increases the player's defense by a certain amount for a certain amount of turns. The number on the left of the status indicator is the defense added. The number on the right is the number of turns the upgrade will last until it ends. DefenseUpDefense up can lessen the damage you take by making it weaker. With DefenseUpDefense up, your base defense goes up, and if your base defense is high enough, you can avoid attacks like Shoplift's stealing ability. Abilities like Ice Armor for the player will stack and increase it's duration when used more than once.


Inflicted Status Duration Chance
BBQSauce BBQ Sauce DefenseUpDefense Up-2 3 Turns 1/1
Player Skills
IceArmor Ice Armor DefenseUpDefense Up-3 4 Turns 1/1
Enemy Skills
GolemCard Golem
(Stone Guard)
DefenseUpDefense Up-4 1 Turn 1/1
SnowmanCard Corruption3 Snowman
(Purple Ice Armor)
DefenseUpDefense Up-3 4 Turns 1/1


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