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The name's Doctor Thomas. I'm a scientist who likes figuring out how things work.


Dr. Thomas is an NPC found in Mellow Meadows. He is the second NPC to grant the player a quest.


The dialogues shown are if you use the top options to further his dialogue.

Wow! Another human being! I daressay you are the first person I've seen in a few days.
For a while now, these weird cyclops flowers have been appearing here. People are too scared to travel this way now. I thought I'd come live in these meadows so that I could investigate these creatures.

The name's Doctor Thomas. I'm a scientist who likes figuring out how things work.
Well, I should probably get back to my work. The next thing I have to do won't be easy.

Flower Research (Main Mission)

I need to defeat a few of those cyclops flowers in battle so I can learn their behaviors. Wait a second... you look like a scrappy young fellow whose seen a few battles, do you think you could lend me a hand?
Fantastic! Alright, so in order for me to learn more about those beats, you'll need to defeat 10 of any type of cyclops flower. Got that?
Great! I'll be waiting here for your return.

Return to Dr. Thomas (Main Mission)

You've returned! Hmm... Yes! Perfect! Now lets find out where they came from...
Hmm... Oh my! Very interesting....

Druid Investigation (Main Mission)

Well, based on this data, the flowerclops orginated in Druid Grove.
Go to Frogville just southwest of here, and then keep going west following Frogville Road. Good luck!

Extra Dialogue

Extra Dialogue 1

If the player chose the "See ya around, nerd" option from his first dialogue.

Hmph! How rude!

Extra Dialogue 2

If the player chose to deny the Flower Research mission.

Ah, it's no trouble. Come back and let me know if you change your mind!

Extra Dialogue 3

After the player got the Druid Investigation quest.

Hey, it's you again! Did you figure out what went wrong with the druids?