Summon dark energy and attack a single target. Heals the user for half of the damage dealt.


Drain is a skill obtained by collecting upgraded Cards Dweller Cards. Tough Drain is received from obtaining an CardsElite Dweller Card. Stunning Drain is received from obtaining a CardsSuper Dweller Card
Just like all CardsCard skills, there are no alternative colors.

The timing for the Action Command is right before the skill deals damage, right after the camera stops turning.
Succeeding the Action Command performs an 'Critical!' hit, increasing the amount of POWDamage dealt.


Drain deals a good amount of POWDamage to the target while also HPHealing the user by half the amount.

Compared to other damage dealing skills such as Stone Arm and Evil Impact, Drain focuses on self sustenance, healing the user by a small amount for each use. Keep in mind that the amount HPHealed depends on the POWDamage dealt, so targets with high DEFDefense will provide less HPHealing than targets with less or without.

Drain is useful in battles where healing with items becomes unfavorable, such as trying to reserve healing items or battling Bedrock. Drain is also very useful in dungeons such as the Overgrown Grotto, where shops and inns are absent and HP Restores are disabled. In general, Drain provides an alternative way of healing other than the use of items.


  • The amount HPHealed from Drain is half of the POWDamage dealt, rounded down.
    • Even if the target's HPHealth is lower than the POWDamage dealt, you'll still heal half the POWDamage dealt.


  • Drain is the only skill that POWDamages a single target while HPHealing the user, provided that the skill deals POWDamage.
  • Drain used to have a past name, which was Dark Aura.
  • This and Stone Arm are tied for being the 2nd Strongest Move in Stunning Form, only trumped by Stunning Evil Impact by 1 Damage.
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