A mysterious folk experienced in life magic. Based around Frogville Road, these wizards are usually friendly and appreciate the beauty of life. Strangely, they have become hostile and are creating evil creatures to fulfill an unknown agenda...


Druids are enemies found roaming Frogville Road and the Druid Grove after they were mysteriously brainwashed by a dark entity. They were described as usually peaceful and friendly but as a consequence of being brainwashed have started causing havoc and summoning aggressive Tanglers to attack.


  • Life Flare (SP0) - Deal POW3 Damage to one enemy. Dodgeable.
    • (Corruption1) - Damage increased to POW5.
    • (Corruption2) - Damage increased to POW7.
    • (Corruption3) - Damage increased to POW9.
  • Nature Power (SP1) - Imbue one ally with PowerUp+2 Power Up for two turns.
    • When used on an ally that already has a Power Up buff, this skill increases the duration by two turns instead.
    • Skill is unaffected by CorruptionCorruption.
  • Recovery (SP2) - Imbues allies and self with HP+2 Regeneration for three turns.
    • Does not stack nor reset the duration if target is already inflicted with HPRegeneration.
    • Skill is unaffected by CorruptionCorruption.
  • Summon Tangler (SP3) - Summons a Tangler to fight alongside with.
    • Will always use Summon Tangler when there is an open slot.
  • (Corruption3) Mint Lightning Spear (SP1) - Targets one enemy. Deals POW10 Damage and inflicts ShockShock for four turns. Undodgeable.


As a Humanoid enemy, the Druid is capable of using items, but only if they have been affected by major CorruptionCorruption. However, they greatly prioritize skills over buffing items.

  • (Corruption2) Only 1 Cheeseburger - Restores HP10 HP to itself or an ally.


  • Do not let normal Druid having more than 3 SP or more, he can summon tangler for more problem, use Slap or Vine Trap when they have almost 3 SP.
  • Corrupted 2+ Druid will always summon a Tangler when they first turn, due to starting SP.


  • Abby summoned from Call Abby has identical stats and skills to a regular Druid with the exception of Summon Tangler.
  • Druids have a 10% chance to drop the Grove Key when the player has the mission, In the past, Grove Key drop rate was 5%.
  • Druid skill 'Nature Power' had 2 past name, First named 'Roots of Rage', Second named 'Power Vine'. And 'Recovery' named 'Mother Nature' in the past.
  • Druids used to have one defense, but got nerfed in a newer version.
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