Druid Grove was a location added in the 1/27/19 Druid Grove update. It depicts a once-peaceful town in a mild ruin state as Golems and brainwashed Druids roam the place, hungry for battle. It also houses Abby, an apprentice who provides quests, and Bedrock, the rocky golem boss.

Notable NPCs/ Objects

Abby, as mentioned above, gives quests here. These quests involve getting the Grove Key and defeating Bedrock.

There are multiple rope systems, and two will lead to a rooftop area. Both of these areas have two enemies waiting, with the first enemy (in both rooftops) trying to immediately attack you when you enter the vicinity of it.

  • There are 2 chests at one of the rope systems along with 2 coin stacks worth Cent15 cents together.


  • This is the first/ only town without an inn or shop.
  • It is also the first/ only town without normal inhabitants.
  • There is an easter egg inhabitant called Cheese in one of the houses.
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