This mysterious, masked figure has been wandering the dungeon for years. It carries a lantern.


The Dweller is a humanoid enemy encountered in the Overgrown Grotto. They are humanoid cave-dwellers that have likely never seen the sun, causing their skin to appear bleached. They carry lanterns around in order to navigate the grotto.


  • Punch (SP0) - Does POW3 Damage. Dodgeable.
    • (Corruption1) - Damage increased to POW5.
    • (Corruption2) - Damage increased to POW7.
    • (Corruption3) - Damage increased to POW9.
  • Drain (SP2) - Casts a shadowy spell that deals POW7 Damage and restores HPHP equal to half the damage dealt, rounded down. Undodgeable.
    • (Corruption1) - Damage increased to POW9.
    • (Corruption2) - Damage increased to POW11.
    • (Corruption3) - Damage increased to POW13.
  • Ghost Grab (SP0) - Summons a ghost and sends it forward, dealing POW3 Damage and inflicting StuckStuck for two turns if not blocked. Dodgeable, but it is better to block, for jumping will only rid the StuckStuck status.
    • (Corruption1) - Damage increased to POW5.
    • (Corruption2) - Damage increased to POW7.
    • (Corruption3) - Damage increased to POW9.
      • Becomes Black Ghost Grab with Purple Eyes at CorruptionCorruption 3
  • Shadow Arm (SP1) - Charges dark energy into its right arm, granting PowerUpPower Up-5 and WeakenedWeakness-1 for one turn.
  • (Corruption2+) Fire Claw (SP1) - Deals POW7 Damage to all enemies; inflicts BurnBurn-1 for 2 turns and has DEF1 Defense Piercing. Dodgeable.
    • (Corruption3) - Damage increased to POW9.
    • Becomes Purple Fire Claw at CorruptionCorruption 3.
  • (Corruption3) Purple Fiery Explosion (SP3) - Deals POW12 Damage to all enemies; inflicts BurnBurn-1 for 3 turns. Undodgeable.


As a Humanoid enemy, the Dweller is capable of using items.

  • Spectral Soda - Grants Spectral for two turns, making the recipient's body transparent and causing all attacks against it to miss while active.
  • Each dweller only carries 1 Spectral Soda.
  • Using Shoplift on Dwellers is the only way to acquire Spectral Soda.


Be wary of their draining and incapacitating attacks as they are capable of dealing significant damage and prolonging the battle. Fortunately, their lack of DEFDefense makes them highly susceptible to attacks like Barrage.

Dwellers should be taken down as soon as possible, but if they cannot be defeated on the first turn the priority should be to use Shoplift in order to steal their Spectral Soda, preventing them from becoming immune to attacks for the remainder of the battle.

Dealing with Corruption2+ Dwellers can be significantly more challenging, as not only will they be less susceptible to Shoplift, they will have additional items that may end up being stolen instead of the Spectral Soda.

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