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What the knight focuses on is tanking the heroes attacks while being able to hold up on the offensive. It would be better to just focus on the weaker enemies and then focus on taking down the remaining knight(s). The knight would be a guard + humanoid with a good amount of defense because they are wearing heavy armor. The knight would start every battle with 1 cheeseburger and 1 juice.


  • Pummel, the knight would run up to a hero and punch them, dealing 3 damage and then the knight would hit the hero with the hilt of their sword dealing 4 damage. Both hits are dodgeable but you probably won't be able to dodge both attacks. This skill costs 0 SP to use.
  • Sturdy Blade, the knight rushes at a hero and slashes upward at them with their sword dealing 6 damage, piercing 1 defense, and inflicting bleed for 2 turns (if you are inflicted with bleed then you cannot heal in any way until it wears off or is cured). This attack is only blockable and not dodgeable. This is the skill you would get from knight cards. This skill costs 1 SP to use. If the attack is blocked then you don't get the bleed affect.
  • If the knight is corruption 2 or higher then they get the dull rapier skill. If the knight used the dull rapier skill then they would pull out a rapier and swing it at a hero dealing 12 damage and piercing 2 defense. This attack is dodgeable. This skill costs 2 SP to use.


The knight has 14 hitpoints, 3 defense, 1 starting SP, and 4 max SP.


The knight would be covered in plate armor similar to the Empyrean Armor except blue where the yellow parts are. When the knight is corruption 2 or higher then the white part on their armor would turn purple. When they are corruption 3 then their sword would turn purple. The knight's eyes would also glow red under their helmet when they are corruption 3.


The knight could possibly found in Ratzo Rocks.

Obtainable Items

You would be able to obtain their armor and helmet. You could get the sword in their hand in a swordpack. All corrupted variations of these items would be obtainable as well.


  • The knight is the only enemy that wears armor.
  • The knight is the only enemy that can inflict the bleed affect.
  • They would be extremely dangerous when corrupted because they have a skill that hits twice with both hits increasing damage with power.
  • The knight is the only enemy with the dull rapier skill (only when corrupted).