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Summon intense, evil energy and impact a single target, dealing a lot of damage. This attack is normally used by Wraiths.


Evil Impact is a skill obtained by collecting upgraded Cards.png Wraith Cards. Tough Evil Impact is received from obtaining an Cards.pngElite Wraith Card, and Stunning Evil Impact is received from obtaining a Cards.pngSuper Wraith Card.
Just like all Cards.pngCard skills, there are no alternative colors.

The timing to the Action Command is near the end of the animation, when the camera stops panning and the user begins to move their arms towards each other.
Succeeding the Action Command performs a ‘Critical!’ hit, increasing the amount of POW.pngDamage dealt.


Evil Impact is a pure offensive skill that deals great POW.pngDamage in a single blow.

Tough Evil Impact can be compared to Dull Rapier and Barrage. Both Tough Evil Impact and Dull Rapier deal the same effective POW.pngDamage against DEF.png2+ Defense. However, Dull Rapier's POW.pngDamage drops off below DEF.png2 Defense, making Tough Evil Impact a more viable alternative.
Barrage deals more POW.pngDamage than Tough Evil Impact against targets below DEF.png2 Defense, but deals little to no POW.pngDamage above that.

Stunning Evil Impact deals POW.png+2 Damage in exchange for SP.png+1 SP cost, the same rule as other damage-focused card skills such as Stone Arm and Drain. Despite the increased SP.pngSP cost, Stunning Evil Impact is more effective against targets with high DEF.pngDefense.

Because of the plain nature of just dealing POW.pngDamage and no less, Evil Impact is universally viable in any battle.


  • Dull Rapier has a better SP.pngSP to POW.pngDamage Ratio against DEF.png2-3 Defense than Stunning Evil Impact, assuming there is no PoweredUp.pngPower Up.
    • The ratio is the same against DEF.png1 & 4 Defense and Stunning Evil Impact has a better ratio against DEF.png0 & 5+ Defense.
    • This skill when used by the player does not inflict the BrokenBones.pngBroken Bones status, because enemies cannot jump.


  • Currently unobtainable unless the player has access to a Wraith Power or using someone to spawn Wraiths with a Wraith Power.
  • Stunning Evil Impact deals the highest damage to a single target in a single blow, dealing POW.png10 Damage on a 'Critical!' hit.
  • Evil Impact received a new and unique animation in v1.3.0. Before, it shared it's animation with Lightning Spear.
  • Some enemies that have a defense of 1 or lower will fall over when hit, this includes the player (if not blocked).
  • When the player uses Evil Impact, it temporarily causes a Wraith Aura to appear on their body.


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