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An adventurer, eh?


Farmer Carson is a farmer that you can find in Mellow Ranch. It is nearby Mellow Meadows. When you talk to him, he will give you a quest, The Flower Hunt (Side Mission). Which once completed, grants the player with a Regain Power.


The dialogues shown are if you use the top options to further his dialogue.

An adventurer, eh? Y'all best leave this place, some dark figure passed by earlier and broke down the barrier we built. Now theres monsters tramplin' all over my crops!
Hmm.... normally I'd disagree, but there sure is a lot of 'em, and if we don't do somethin' soon, they might ruin the entire harvest.

The Flower Hunt (Side Mission)

Tell ya what, if you can take out 30 of those monsters, I'll reward ya with a Regain Power. It's a useful one, it makes it easier to restore SPSP.png in battles. Whaddaya say?

Return to Farmer Carson (Side Mission)

Yer back... looks like ya did yer part of the deal and took out the monsters on my farm. Now we can harvest the rest of our crops in peace. Thanks a bunch! Here's yer Regain Power. Hope it serves ya well. Be careful out there!

Buying another Regain Power

Well look who it is! Yer the young'lin' that saved our harvest! What can I do for ya?
Did ya lose the one I gave ya? That's a darned shame. I can give ya another. but it's gonna cost ya 40 centsCent.png. Do we have a deal?

Extra Dialogue

Extra Dialogue 1

If the player chose "Okay" to his first dialogue.

Stay safe out there!

Extra Dialogue 2

If the player declined The Flower Hunt (Side Mission).


Extra Dialogue 3

If the player chose "Nothing" after already fully completing The Flower Hunt (Side Mission).

Yeh just came by to say hello? Well, that's nice of ye. Be careful out there!