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Summon an intense flame and stomp the ground with extreme force, causing a massive explosion and dealing decent damage to all enemies. Burns all enemies for 3 turns.


Fiery Explosion is one of 10 unique skills that can be learned from Frogidi's Fortunes.
Fiery Explosion has 17 alternative colors which changes the color of the flame under the player's leg, the flames that expand outwards, and the residual flames. Orange is not a possible color.

The timing for the Action Command is about 1 second after the player lifts their right leg before they stomp.
Succeeding the Action Command performs a 'Critical!' hit, increasing the amount of POW.pngDamage dealt by 2.


Fiery Explosion deals an a good amount of POW.pngDamage to all enemies in addition to having Burn.pngBurn-1 infliction.

Fiery Explosion is the only SP.png3 SP-cost skill from Frogidi's Fortunes, but is comparable to Fire Claw as its stronger successor, trading the DEF.pngDefense piercing for a higher POW.pngDamage count and longer Burn.pngBurn status.

Tough Giant Crowbar is similar to Fiery Explosion, with both costing SP.png3 SP and similar POW.pngDamage. The main difference is the fact that Tough Giant Crowbar inflicts POW.png1 Damage more, but has no status infliction. Fiery Explosion is the superior choice if the enemies aren't likely to be defeated immediately, but will eventually suffer from the damage caused by the Burn.pngBurn status.

The POW.pngDamage of Fiery Explosion makes it strong is wiping out groups of enemies while the Burn.pngBurn status makes it also useful in drawn out fights as well, such as Corruption.pngCorruption 2 or 3 enemies and bosses. However, Fiery Explosion becomes less cost effectively against only one enemy, in which Dull Rapier or Lightning Spear would be stronger.

Against any Corruption.pngCorruption enemy, they are likely to have other enemies tagging along. Multiple Fiery Explosions can defeat the standard enemies as well as removing a good chunk of HP from the Corruption.pngCorrupted enemy as well.

Overall, the versatility of Fiery Explosion makes it one of the most used skills of the game, being able to defeat groups of fragile enemies and even some stronger enemies over time or when used by multiple players.


  • The Burn.pngBurn status will not be inflicted if no POW.pngDamage was dealt.
  • Golems and Bedrock enemies are immune to the Burn.pngBurn status.


  • Fiery Explosion is the only Stunning-Rarity Skill acquired from Frogidi's Fortunes.
  • This skill used to have DEF.png1 Defense piercing, which was possibly a leftover from copying a line of code from Fire Claw and was overlooked. This was a bug and was changed to not have any piercing as of v1.3.0.
  • Fiery Explosion can be used by Corruption.pngCorruption 3 Wraiths and Dwellers .
  • This skill's animation is extremely similar to that of "Fire Stomp" from one of Vetexgames's previous games, Arcane Adventures, which was discontinued due to a Roblox update that the game's code was incompatible with.
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