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Frogson is one of the four Frog Guard NPCs that can be encounter in the game. The others being Toadella and Hopper (outside the entrance) and Pondre. Frogson is the one that stops you from entering Frogville Road.


First Dialogue

If the player tries to enter Frogville Road without completing the "Return to Frogville" mission.

Halt! No one is allowed down Frogville Road unless you have the mayor's permission. There are dangerous creatures on this path, so we cannot allow civilians to pass.

Second Dialogue

If the player talks to him, when the "Return to Frogville" mission is not completed yet.

Sorry, but no one is allowed to pass this point without the mayor's permission. If it's really urgent, you should go talk to him.

Extra DIalogue

First extra dialogue

After the player completed "Return to Frogville" .

Hello, adventurer. The mayor has informed us that you are allowed to pass, so go right ahead. Be careful!
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