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Frogville is a town next to Mellow Meadows and Frogville Road. It looks like a small water-based town with lily pads, presumably for the fact that this town is home to many frog-headed humanoids. This town has a Fortune Teller, Frogidi, which can teach the player new skills. There is also a mayor, who acts as the main quest giver. There is an inn, run by Hopella and a shop run by Fibbit.

Also around Frogville, you will find Warp Doors, that can warp you to places. At level 5, you unlock the door to Mapleburg, and at 15, you get the door to Druid Grove.


While traveling Frogville road, there are 3 places connected to it. Hidden Woods, Overgrown Grotto, and Druid grove. In order to get to druid grove, you must defeat the Bandit King inside of Hidden Woods.


Inside of Frogville you can find many stores to help you.

Frogidi's Fortunes

Frogidi's Fortunes is a place where you can get new skills for 10 tokens each. You can also get different colored skills for 10 tokens each, once you have all of the skills unlocked.

Big Gear Inc.

Big Gear Inc. is a store run by Big T, and sells a variety of accessories for your avatar.

Fibbit's Fine Items

Fibbit's Fine Items is a store where you can buy items to restore HP.pngHP, SP.pngSP, and gain DEF.pngDefense.

Hopella's Inn

Hopella's Inn is a place you can go to fully restore your HP.pngHP for 5 Cent.pngCents.


  • There is an easter egg in Frogger's house where there is a Frogger Game cartridge.
  • According to the residents, summer is no more in the AS world.
  • You can interact with many NPCs in Frogville, notable ones being the food vendor, Big T, the inn owner, the fortune teller, the mayor, and the 4 guards.
  • Inside of Frogville you meet Mayor Croakrupt, who you talk to in order to get the mission to defeat the Bandit King inside of Hidden Woods.