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Frogville Road is a road where multiple enemies reside, such as Tanglers and hostile Druids. You need to defeat the Bandit King to enter Frogville Road. There are multiple treasure chests, too. It comes out of Frogville and is the path to Druid Grove, Hidden Woods, and Overgrown Grotto.

Notable Objects

There are 6 Chests in the area, 2 in a corner near the river. There are 2 chests in a small rope parkour area at the beginning of the road and another chest at a different rope. There is a chest right next to the entrance to Druid Grove.

Tanglers and Druids roam this area. As of the new update, Lileyes and Daiseyes can appear alongside the aforementioned enemies, but are not in the area physically.


As of right now none of the enemies here have items. Druids do have items but only the Corruption 2+ Versions of Them. Depending on the player's luck of spawning Corruption.pngcorruption 2+.