A failed creation of the druids that burns in sunlight, the few that were created wandered their way into Overgrown Grotto, a place safe from sunlight where they can flourish.


The Fungeye is a dungeon creature encountered in the Overgrown Grotto. It is another Druid creation similar to the Lileye and Daiseye that prefers dark environments.


  • Sporeshot (SP.png0) - Shoots out a spiked seed, dealing POW.png4 Damage to one enemy and piercing DEF.png1 Defense. Dodgeable.
    • (Corruption.png1) - Damage increased to POW.png6.
    • (Corruption.png2) - Damage increased to POW.png8.
    • (Corruption.png3) - Damage increased to POW.png10.
  • Spore Spray (SP.png1) - Sprays out a cloud of spores, dealing POW.png1 Damage to all enemies and inflicting Disarm-2 for two turns.
    • Disarm temporarily reduces the victim's POW.pngPower.
    • (Corruption.png1) - Damage increased to POW.png3.
    • (Corruption.png2) - Damage increased to POW.png5.
    • (Corruption.png3) - Damage increased to POW.png7.
  • (Corruption.png3) Purple Bomb Toss (SP.png1) - Deal POW.png14 Damage and inflicts Stun.pngStun for one turn on one target. POW.png10 Damage to all non-targets. Undodgeable.


While Fungeyes generally aren't much of a threat on their own, their attacks are quite good at getting through defenses and reducing the offensive power of the players, giving them a dangerously potent supporting role when fighting alongside other enemies.

Until they are affected by Corruption.pngCorruption, Fungeyes can be quickly dispatched or delayed using skills such as Barrage or Vine Trap, ensuring they are unable to dull the players' edge during combat.

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