Slightly damage yourself in order to boost your own power by a good amount for the next few turns.


Fury is a skill obtained by collecting upgraded Cards Bedrock Cards. Tough Fury is received from obtaining an CardsElite Bedrock Card. Stunning Fury is received from obtaining a CardsSuper Bedrock Card.
As with all CardsCard skills, there are no colored variants.

This skill has no Action Command to be performed.


Fury, depending on the rarity, increases the player's POWPower by 3 or 4 for two turns, but they lose 3 or 5 HPHitpoints in return.

Compared to another self buffing skill, Ice Armor, Fury provides players a 'Risk & Reward' approach, providing a moderate PowerUpPower Up buff, in contrast to Ice Armor's 'Safety First', which provides a moderate DefenseUpArmor buff.

Unlike other SPSP costing skills, using Fury costs the player HPHP as well, putting the player at a survivability risk. Players will need to be careful if the enemy defeats the player before using the PowerUpPower Up status effectively, especially against CorruptionCorruption. Take extra caution when using Stunning Fury, which will drain HP5 Hitpoints instead of Tough Fury's HP3 HP.

For two turns, Tough Fury increases the player's POWPower by 3 while Stunning Fury increases the POWPower by 4, currently the most in-game. This allows the player to deal much more damage from skills than they normally do.

As with all sources of PowerUpPower Up, Fury is best used with skills that hit multiple times or multiple targets, such as Fire Claw, Bomb Toss, and Punch. However, as there are alternative ways to deal damage safer and easier to multiple targets, players will find it hard to consider using Fury and multi-target skills over using Fiery Explosion or Giant Crowbar a few times.

Overall, Fury is barely used by players because of its survivability risk and difficulty to effectively use over other strong multi-target skills.


  • The PowerUpPower Up status granted by Fury can stack with itself, increasing the duration by two.
  • When you have the PowerUpPower Up status of Fury then use a Hot Sauce, it can't stack duration or damage, wasting it as a result.


  • This is currently the only skill that POWDamages the user.
  • The skill icon is very similar to the Wraith Power, biggest difference being the white eyes.
  • Getting killed by your own Fury would yield a unique death message: "<Player Name> was defeated".
  • Fury's animation shows the player hitting themselves 7 times, yet only losing 3-5 HPHP.
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