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Game Files are a recently-implemented feature that came with the Titlescreen update. When you join and click play, it allows you to select one of three files. This is a feature that is new to Vetex's games. When you have a file with data in it, it will display your appearance, your current missions, your level, and more data (see image on right). Click it to have it tween to the left and three options will appear along with an option to return to file-selection.

  • Continue - Continues your adventure from where you last left off. If you left during a battle, it does not save the battle progress. Instead, you spawn in the area you were last in. Any Chests that you collected will be refreshed, as well as cent piles and lines.
  • Friends - Choose one of any of your friends to join their adventure server. This option does not take you to your friend if selected. It will only make you join the friend you clicked on, and from there, a basic Continue (see above).
  • Erase - This option will completely erase your file data, allowing you to start a new game on that erased file.


If A Friend Is In This Game And There's No Join Button It Might Be Because There At The Title Screen Or They Are In Overgrown Grotto.