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there's also a glitch which lets you move while being in a pose of an idle player - some attacks like savage hit can make you walk like that when you keep pressing W,A,S or D when you character comes back to its original spot, this glitch gets disabled once you stop moving and it only affects your animation

There is a glitch where you can get infinite power/defense stones using the Stat Apple

A probably old glitch is at the Frogville plaza fountain, you sit on the bench facing the gear shop and Frogildi's Fortunes then jump at the edge of the fountain near the water, you jump down and the swim animation with water splash sound until you reach Frogville Road or Mellow Meadows.

There is also a glitch with almost every devices, where winning a battle with fiery explosion can cause you to move twice as fast as normal.

Two other glitches is that you can turn invisible after a battle, but it was recorded how it happened. Another, glitch happened during a fight with a tangler and a druid. What happened, is that they jumped right as they were hit by the tangler's "Wood Thorns", and they rocketed backwards.

You can turn invisible during battle by simply entering first person mode before entering combat. This does not make you invisible to other players though and they can still see you.