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A rock monster created and controlled by the druids to fulfill an unknown agenda. They are completely made out of stone, giving them lots of natural defense.


  • Rock Toss(SP.png0) - Throws a rock at an enemy, dealing POW.png 4 Damage. Dodgeable.
    • (Corruption.png1) - Damage increased to POW.png6.
    • (Corruption.png2) - Damage increased to POW.png8.
    • (Corruption.png3) - Damage increased to POW.png10.
    • Becomes Purple Rock Toss at Corruption.pngCorruption 3.
  • Earthquake(SP.png1) - At the start of each player's turn, deal 1POW.png Damage to all allies and enemies. Undodgeable.
    • Will always use Earthquake whenever it is not active.
    • Having at least DEF.png1 Defense will completely negate the effects of Earthquake.
  • Stone Guard(SP.png1) - The golem will guard, giving itself +4DefenseUp.png Defense for 1 turn.
  • Stone Arm (SP.png2) - Deals 6 Damage to one enemy and inflict -1Weakened.png Weakness for 3 turns. Can't be dodged, but can be blocked.
  • (Corruption.png1) - Damage increased to POW.png8
  • (Corruption.png2) - Damage increased to POW.png10
  • Becomes Black Stone Arm At Corruption.pngCorruption 2.
  • (Corruption.png3) - Damage increased to POW.png12
  • Becomes Purple Stone Arm with red spikes at Corruption.pngCorruption 3.
  • Blocking will prevent the Weakened.pngWeakness status inflicted.


When going up against Golems, keep in mind they not only have DEF.png3, which makes them hard to hurt properly, they're also immune to the Damage Over Time statuses, meaning Poison Spray isn't an effective strategy against them. Your best bet for dealing with Golems are single-target Skills, like Dull Rapier, Evil Impact and Drain, all of those which can be obtained before stepping into Druid Grove, though you might have to grind to MAX level (15) before you can hunt down Dwellers for Drain, however Evil Impact requires you or a friend to have Wraith Power so you can hunt down Wraiths.


  • Currently, Golems and Bedrock are the only enemies to have an innate immunity to statuses.
  • Golem is the only enemie in the game to not be a boss nor mini-boss, and not get any new skills when Corruption.pngCorrupted.
  • Golem is one of the three enemies to have Immunities the others are The Bandit King and Bedrock.
  • Corruption.pngCorruption 2+ Golems are generally hard to find, seeing as you can only find Golems in the Druid Grove, which you can't boost corrupt rates through overleveling for, even with Challenge Power or Gear Soda.
  • An easier way of find Corruption.pngCorruption 2+ Golems is to head to Overgrown Grotto and around tier 8+ Corruption.pngCorruption 2+ Golems would start spawning until reaching tier 10+
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