Golem Gauntlets

Bulky, stone golem arms meant to be worn as arm protection. Golems sometimes drop these!Item Description

Golem Gauntlets are a Rare Item dropped by Golems in Druid Grove and have 1/8 chance to be obtained like all items. The Golem Gauntlets show the normal Golem arms with spikes protruding out and a Brown Tanktop as the shirt. Corrupted Golem Gauntlets show a more predominant purple theme with red spikes and a Faded Black Tanktop while having a super rarity. While the Corrupted Golem Gauntlets can be dropped by Corruption 2 Golems, the actual model for Corruption 2 Golems with a dark Turquoise colour for the arms and purple spikes protruding from the forearms and biceps. The same rule applies with it's Larger counterpart, Bedrock, while Bedrock can drop Corrupted Horns at Corruption 2, only 2 horns are shown at Corruption Level 2 and at Corruption Level 3, 4 horns are shown.

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