Adventure Story Wiki

Skill Ideas

Shuttercock Hit

  • 2 Damage, 4 Crit Damage
  • 0 SP Cost

This skill doesn't attack by itself, As you need to use an Action Move just to attack. Depending on the timing, It will hit in different directions. If it hits high up, It will stun the enemy for 2 turns. If it hits straight to the enemy, It deals 3x Damage. If it crits, It will deal 2x Damage and stuns the enemy for 1 turn.

Shield Breaker

  • 0 Damage
  • 2 SP Cost
  • 3 Defense Down (Enemy, 3 turns)

This skill lowers the enemy's Defense by 3. That's it.


  • 0 Damage
  • 1 SP Cost
  • Cloaks the player for 1 turn.

This skill is a glitch changed into a feature. All enemies cannot see you and target something else or just get very confused.

Steel Defense

  • 0 Damage
  • 3 SP Cost
  • 3 Defense Up (Player, 3 turns)

The player turns into a Steel Statue, Taking less damage. This is a reference to the Metal Cap from SM64.

Reckless Rage

  • 0 Damage
  • 2 SP Cost
  • 2 Defense Down (Player, 2 turns)
  • 5 Damage Up (Player, 1 turn)
  • 25% Smaller Crit Time Frame

The player gets so angry that they start attacking enemies by themselves, Dealing more damage but taking more damage as a result.

Orbital Laser

  • 20 Damage / 25 Damage (Crit)
  • 6 SP Cost
  • Pierces all defense.

The player clicks a button that summons an Orbital Laser to kill the enemy. Unaffected by Power Stones.