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Spray healing gas at all allies, restoring some HP. This attack is normally used by Lileyes.


Healing Spray is a skill obtained by collecting upgraded Cards.png Lileye Cards. Tough Healing Spray is received from obtaining an Cards.pngElite Lileye Card. Stunning Healing Spray is received from obtaining a Cards.pngSuper Lileye Card.
Just like all Cards.pngCard skills, there are no alternative colors.

The timing for the Action Command is about one second after the healing gas starts to spew out.
Succeeding the Action Command performs an 'Critical!' hit, increasing the amount of HP.pngHealing done.


  • Use in the Bandit King fight when 2 or more allies have broken bones. This will help towards overall easiness of this enemy.
  • This can be used to heal allies during the Bedrock fight without triggering its Shockwave.


  • The healing done is affected by Flower Power and can cure BrokenBones.pngBroken Bones.


  • Currently the only Skill available to players that can heal other than food items.
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