An oven-baked submarine sandwich with lettuce, tomato, ham, and cheese. Restores 15 HP and 1 SP per turn for 5 turns when eaten.


The Hoagie is a HPHP and SPSP restoring item that can be obtained within the Mellow Meadows Challenge Room or bought from item shops while on sale.


  • Every in-game sunrise, item shops have a 33% chance to sell Hoagies for around 32 cents.
  • This is a somewhat rare (and expensive) food.


  • This is one of the two items that restores both HPHP and SPSP. The other being the Chocolate Bar.
  • This food is the most expensive food currently in the shop, as it is 14 more cents than the burger.
  • In Old version, Hoagie heal 20 HPHP and a instant 5 SPSP. But now heal 15 HPHP and 1 SPSP for each 5 turn, due to HP nerf and battle system improvement.
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