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Coat yourself in a layer of ice, increasing your defense by 3 for 4 turns.


Ice Armor is one of 10 unique skills that can be learned from Frogidi's Fortunes.
Ice Armor has 17 alternative colors which change the color of the ice that surrounds the player and the resulting skin tone over the course of the duration. Yellow is not a possible color.

This skill has no Action Command.


Ice Armor increases the DEF.pngDefense by 3 of the player, moderately protecting them.

Ice Armor is a unique skill with no other similar skill, as it is the only skill that increases the player's DEF.pngDefense.

While Ice Armor is active, incoming POW.pngDamage is reduced by 3, making it useful against enemy skills like Tangler's Vine Trap, which completely blocks the POW.pngDamage and prevents the player from being Stuck.pngStuck.

The skill's effectiveness against Corruption.pngCorruption enemies can be a lifesaver or a wasted turn, depending on the enemy. Enemies with high POW.pngDamage, un-dodgeable Skills like the Corruption.png3 Wraith or Bedrock can prove useful, while against Corruption.png3 Druids, it is potentially a waste of a turn if they choose to summon or buff when attacking would be a better option.

Overall, Ice Armor has some niche counter-plays to certain weak Damaging skills with status-inflictions or other effects but is generally not used unless the battle is drawn out enough to be worth it.


  • Ice Armor prevents coins and items from being stolen by Steal and Shoplift.
    • Although, due to increased POW.pngDamage from Corruption.pngCorruption, Corruption.pngCorrupted 2+ Burglars can still Shoplift you successfully.
  • The statuses granted by Ice Armor can stack with itself, additively increasing the duration.


  • Ice Armor can be used by Corruption.pngCorruption 3 Snowmen.
  • With a lot of (approximately 9 or more) Milk and a Regain Power. One can achieve Ice Armor that lasts for 100+ turns.
  • Ice Armor used to increase the player's POW.pngPower by 1 for 4 turns as well as DEF.pngDefense. But was changed to only increase 3 DEF.pngDefense for 4 turn like how it is today.
    • Ice Armor could be a reference to the skill Wood Wall from Roblox's Big Adventure, of which would increase a targeted player's DEF.pngDefense to 2 for 2 turns. However, Ice Armor can only be used on the person using it.
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