Adventure Story Wiki

If you kill dweller, you will have a 1% chance for dweller to drop.

To get pixel you must get 10 subs, trade it to rover.

You also need 5 spectral sodas.

The supply crate is only obtainable by dwellers, if a dweller dies. They have a chance to drop it.

The randomized chance can heal from 10-25 hp.

Possible combinations. Pizza, sub, chicken wings. To all players.

Sub and cheeseburger to all players.

Medi-kit, 0.5% chance.

4 pizzas.

The infliction potion’s inflict effect makes all enemies deal -1 less damage and defense permanently.

You get pizzas with 4 pizza threw together. The medi-kit can be gotten from rover, 20 green dungeon tickets. Or 10 spectral sodas AHAHHAHAHAHA.

The rage cookie item is only obtainable by using 2 souls in 1 round (two people use 1 soul), all players will get 3 rage cookies, bypasses pack cap. You will be invincible when the rage effect is on, but it lasts 5 rounds and you will die after 5 rounds (turns of yours). Rage gives you infinite sp for 3 turns, +3 damage 3 turns.

The sword soda is only obtainable by shoplifting a wraith C3, you can only do that by fury and shoplift or hot sauce and stunning shoplift. The sword soda can also be made when 2 stat apples

are dropped on each other, rounding in at a price of 80 tickets.

did I say fury? I meant furry (joke)

The rasenshiriken only does attack the enemy in front of a ally. Although it can only be use as a item, it will tell you to pick the ally. The it will summon a shirken that explodes in front of the enemy. But it takes away half of your hp. Instant kill on the enemy you directly hit, 5 AOE.

Burger is traded with rover, rover gets a special item each week. 1/2 chance is the burger.

The Soul is only obtained by shoplifting a wraith c3, which also can be done by reading the top information, or it can be made by buying it from rover, 200 tickets.

The invisibility mix can only be obtained by shoplifting a c2 dweller, since you can shoplift other things out of it. It will have a lower chance. Unlike the spectral soda, it will cancel all spectral sodas when you use it. When I said cancel all spectral sodas I meant if a team mate uses spectral soda they pass.

You can also buy it from rover. 80 tickets.

The smoke bomb can be brought by rover, by trading 3 spectral sodas. And you will receive a smoke bomb.

You can only get 1 each day.