Strike a single target with a bolt of lightning, dealing decent damage, piercing 1 defense, and shocking the enemy for 4 turns.


Lightning Spear is one of 10 unique skills that can be learned from Frogidi's Fortunes.
Lightning Spear has 18 alternative colors which change the hue of the electricity and the lightning trail afterwards.

The timing for the Action Command is about the moment the camera begins to pan at the enemies.
Succeeding the Action Command performs a 'Critical!' hit, increasing the amount of damage POWDamage dealt by 1.


Lightning Spear deals a low amount of POWDamage to one enemy in addition to having DEF1 Defense piercing as well as inflicting ShockShock for 4 turns (Each ShockShock deals 1 POWDamage per turn).

Compared to the other SP1 SP cost Frogidi's Fortune skills: Bomb Toss and Fire ClawLightning Spear deals the highest amount of POWDamage to one enemy, contrasting the spread out POWDamage from both the other two skills.

Lightning Spear is rather unique at its SP1 SP cost, with no other skill being directly comparable. Outside of SP1 SP cost skills, Lightning Spear is comparable to Basic Archery, which they both deal the same amount of POWDamage and DEFDefense piercing, except that Lightning Spear adds on the ShockShock status for 4 turn, which deals a total of POW4 Damage more.

Due to the nature of the ShockShock status, Lightning Spear is more useful in drawn out fights like CorruptionCorruption 2 or 3 enemies and bosses.

Against CorruptionCorruption 1 & 2 enemies, the enemy will all have at least DEF1 Defense, which Lightning Spear pierces through.

Against CorruptionCorruption 3 enemies, the enemy will all have at least DEF3 Defense, with many enemies having DEF4 Defense total during and after Frogville Road, meaning Lightning Spear has to land a 'Critical!' to deal POWDamage without any POWDamage increase.

Overall, Lightning Spear is useful as a low-cost, stronger Basic Archery to deal additional POWDamage during longer fights.


  • The ShockShock status will not be inflicted if no POWDamage was dealt.
  • Golems and Bedrock enemies are immune to the ShockShock status.
  • ShockShock does not stack if already inflicted, nor is the duration reset.


  • Mint Lightning Spear can be used by CorruptionCorruption 3 Druids.
  • Lightning Spear's past name is "Weak Voltage".
    Red lightning spear

    Lightning Spear in v1.3.0

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