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A mysterious stone that can increase your Damage or Defense by 1 permanently when activated.


Magical Stones are a key item that grants a permanent boost to either POW.pngPower or DEF.pngDefense of the player's choosing by one. They are obtained from completing difficult tasks, such as defeating a boss for the first time.

There is a third option to "Don't Use", which preserves the Magical Stone in the player's Key Items inventory and can be prompted with the choice again by selecting it in the inventory and pressing on the “Use“ option.


  • Activating Magical Stones are a permanent choice that cannot be changed unless re-arranged by spending R$400 or by using a Stat Apple.


Currently the only Magic Stone obtainable is from defeating Bedrock for the first time.

In future updates, hinted by Abby's dialogue after finishing the Regroup with Abby and The Ratzo Rocks Adventure Main Mission description, the Sandlord at Ratzo Rocks is likely to be another boss that will drop a Magical Stone.