Mapleburg is the starting area of the game, and as such serves a purpose as the tutorial area. There are some tutorial NPCs who explain things such as Cents. In Mapleburg you will find Alice's Inn where for 5 cents, which is the same price as Frogville's Inn, which fully restores your HP and SP, and Mapleburg's Item shop which offers Chicken Wings, Juice, and Hot Sauce, which is inferior to Frogville's selection which has Cheeseburgers, BBQ Sauce and Milk in addition to everything Mapleburg's shop has. Also, for limited time, sometimes items like the Chocolate Bar and the Hoagie will appear in both shops. There also is a warp door to Frogville that can be used at Level 5 or higher, for easy player transportation.


Mayor Oswald - Defeat (5) Bandits:

Rewards: (5) Cents and (2) XP.

Mayor Oswald - Talk to Doctor Thomas:

Rewards: A (5) Cents and (1) XP.

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