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Darn it, they found me... I mean, er , AHEM. What do you want?


Mayor Croakurt is an NPC that can be seen around Frogville. It's necesary talk to him, to progress the game. He gives you "The Bandit King Showdown" Mission.


The Mayor's Permission (Main Mission)

Darn it, they found me... I mean, er , AHEM. What do you want?
Hmmm, that. Well, you look like a hardy adventurer.... I suppose it wouldn't hurt to tell you....
The truth about Frogville Road is that the Bandit King doesn't want anyone going through there. He kidnapped me yesterday just so he could warn me.... He said that if anyone passes through Frogville Road, he would KO them and raid the town....
Indeed.... it's strange though, because the Bandit King usually *wants* people to go through Frogville Road so he can steal from them. Perhaps there's some bigger picture?
Anyway, I have faith on you, adventurer. I'll give you permission to pass, but only if you help us first. Take a left turn at the western gate and go into the Hidden Woods. That is where the Bandit King's hideout is, I saw it when he kidnapped me. Defeat him, and then you will be allowed to go through Frogville Road.

Return to Frogville (Main Mission)

You've returned! I assumed the Bandit King has been defeated?
Incredible! I knew there was something special about you adventurer. I wonder... did you want access to Frogville Road so that you could investigate the issue with the druids?
Well, as you know, the druids have been behaving strange lately. They've been coming out of their grove and attacking travelers using their powers, which is odd because they're usually peaceful and reserved....
We've been unable to traverse Frogville Road for the past few days, so we've been waiting for someone like you to come along and help us, Now that you've defeated the Bandit King, there's no reason for me to keep you from entering Frogville Road. Good luck out there, adventurer.

Extra Dialogue

Extra Dialogue 1

If the player haven't completed "The Bandit King Showdown" Mission yet.

Hmmm... you still haven't defeated the Bandit King, adventurer. I cannot allow you to enter Frogville Road until he is dealt with, for your safety and ours.

Extra Dialogue 2

After the player completed "Return to Frogville" Mission.

Hello again, adventure. Have you found out what's causing the druids to behave strangely? We won't be able to traverse Frogville Road until they're dealt with.

Extra Dialogue 3

If the player choose "Why are you here?".

As mayor, people are always bothering me. I'm an old man now, I need some peace and quiet. I plan on retiring soon....